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7 Different Income Streams

There are A LOT of ways to make money using the Internet & I believe that people can take advantage of many of them, not just 1...

It's not so much 'shiny ball syndrome'.

It's more looking at it from a marketers point of view and asking yourself 'Is this something I would buy, and if so, how would I promote it to other people like me?'

If you can answer that question, you should promote the product.

If you are already overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do to grow your existing business, I do not recommend trying to join various programs in hopes you will 'get lucky' in one of them and finally make some money.

The reason I am able to take on this many income streams is because I build systems to automate parts of the business and using these systems we can give our team members massive amounts of leverage.

We can pour our energy into finding new traffic sources and figuring out lead capture tools that convert, and then hand over what we have already proven to work to our team for them to duplicate.

All of my opportunities are vetted and these are ones I believe have potential to make a good income for myself and my team.

Things have changed; the Internet is the largest Marketing platform you can find so it would just make sense to understand this powerful tool.

Success on the Internet really comes down to just a couple of really simple things. And I realized very quickly that the people who were having real success Online truly understood these "few things" and simply went out and applied them on a massive scale.

When you have a Proven Marketing System, effective sales funnels and the ability to drive targeted traffic to your system... you have the formula for creating unlimited profits and abundance in your network marketing business... all on virtual autopilot!

I know you probably won't believe it just yet... but making money Online is so incredibly easy when you get these few simple things just right.

I can show you the exact blueprint....

DS Domination

The little program that keeps paying! Their affiliate program pays on 10 levels and we have all 10 filled with people. The product is fantastic and actually teaches people something that can make them money without needing to resell the product as an affiliate. When the product is top notch and they have a great affiliate program attached, i'm all in.


Working this one completely different, off the radar, but if you want a product that you can sell that ships anywhere in the world for under $5 and actually produces results I have a link for you to check out:

This Link

Empower Network

Has been a great program for my team and was initially what allowed me to quit my job and focus on internet marketing full time. Many growing pains, but still doing their thing with a really strong offer and backend upsell process.


2MinuteSkinMiracle is the talk of the internet right now. Our team was one of the first to push hard here in the USA and we've got the results to prove it. Over 2000 people enrolled in 6 weeks. This is showing no signs of shutting down.

Options Domination

DSD is getting ready to roll out something called Options Domination that has to do with options trading. The ppl on our team are going to get the goods first. They are having the laywers check over everything to make sure it's 100% compliant before the launch, but it's looking like it could also be a big hit in 2015.


S2A is my generic marketing platform that people are using to promote various 'make money' business opportunities.

We have over 34 professionally designed funnels that can be customized to promote any business opportunity.


I've been following BITCOIN very closely for the past 2 years and it is facinating to me. This idea of a public ledger that requires no governing body and is accessible to anyone in the world, instantaneously, to make transfers and contracts without fees, restrictions, or lawyers—it's just the logical next step in the internet's improvement of society.

The idea of decentralized finance is just too powerful to ignore and I believe it is here to stay.

Learn everything you can handle about bitcoins, that knowledge will become very useful in the future.

Now you can clearly see my sources of income. Pick one of the programs and join my team!

MY Income Disclosure: Just because I am making money in all of these programs does not mean you will. I put in a LOT OF WORK to get these results. I do not expect anyone else to do the amount of work I do, so I do not expect you will have the same results. Don't try to do too many things at once. Get good at one, then expand your internet empire.

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