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Convert Bank Statement PDF to Quickbooks

Despite having Taxbot and Godaddy bookkeeping setup to sync my bank and paypal accounts, every year I login at the end of the year to find that there have been problems syncing and now there are gaps of tranactions missing from the software that is supposed to keep track of my business expenses.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping


It's not completely their fault. The banks are constantly throwing up roadblocks to prevent hackers, and automated software that logs in as me and collects transaction data requires constant maintenance to keep it running correctly.

To make matters worse, if you forget to login for more than 60 or 90 days, the banks only keep your detailed transaction data for that long. Now you are left with gaps of missing transactions with no automated way to fix it.

Convert Bank Statement PDF to Quickbooks

This basically happens to me every year, and I wind up paying bookkeepers, 1000's of dollars to manually go through bank statements and enter in all of the correct info.

Frustrated with this process, I decided to go and find some software that could help.

The bank DOES provide you with PDFs of all of your previous statements, but most accounting software is unable to work with these.

There is one piece of software that will read your bank statement pdfs and convert them to a quickbooks file.

Moneythumb makes a program called 2qbo convert pro:

Convert Bank Statement PDF to Quickbooks

Just feed it the PDF and it will scan it and convert it into a quickbooks compatible file.

You can do this process 12 times, for each of your statements, and have the full years worth of history!

Now you can go through and tackle the more important things, knowing that all of your tranaction data is available and accurate.

BTW, this can also help if you are trying to convert td bank statements to pdf.

You can use it as a Chase Bank pdf statement importer.

Several people have reported success with 2qbo when they needed a Bank of America account history parser.

You can pretty much use this to make any bank pdf to quickbooks QBW or QIF. With the importer you could even convert pdf into Quicken QXF or QBO very easily.

If Godaddy Bookkeeping is unable to import more than 60 days worth of transactions, you may be able to use 2QBO software to process all of your financial history from PDF statements into a format that will work in your bookkeeping software.

Even software like Freshbooks has problems accessing this kind of data, but with software like 2QBO you will be able to extract it from your bank account statements and use it in the program.

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