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Creating Life Changing Amounts Of Recurring Revenue

This was something I first heard David Wood say during one of the webinars early on when EN was first starting.

It was becase of this way of thinking that I was able to break free from a corporate job and start my own business where I could focus on doing things that I love to do.

He was talking about creating a monthly income and said the fastest way to create a 10K monthly income is to find 10,000 people who will pay you a dollar a month for providing them with some sort of value.

When you think about it in those terms, it's not hard at all to create your own destiny...

If you can charge $2 for your value, now you only need 5,000 people paying monthly.

Got a $10/month idea? Find just 1000 people who agree with you and keep them coming back for more...

Now you have created an income that will stick around even in 1, 2 or 10 of those people get mad at you or decide one day they don't like you any more and 'fire' you.
Even if that happens you are still pushing forward towards your goals. Your future is not dependant on one person.

Not only that, but you are building relationships with these people. If you are providing them with actual value they will keep coming back for more and will join you in other ventures.

If you can build this membership base around something that you like to do or can feel passionate about, you are one step closer to livng the dream.


Don't think for a second that this is an easy thing to do...

You are going to need a graphics designer, and don't think you can get away with that dude on fivver. The quality of work will show that's where you got it from... If you can find a talented graphics guy that can ALSO write copy, hang on to him, pay him lots of money, and never let go ( these are RARE! ). First impression is everything and you need to make an impact immediately when someone comes on to your site.

You need a programer who will be able to spin up webservers, register domains, configure scripts, manage the user database and login system, integrate a billing platform with webhooks to catch the recurring payments, and code any other interactivity on the frontend or backend of the site.

And hopefully they have it all working perfectly, otherwise you are going to be setting yourself up to have a nightmare with all of the customer support tickets you will get if things are broken.

People are going to try to rip you off. They will issue false chargebacks, they will talk mean about your site on forums if they don't get a fast enough resolution to their 'problems'. They will claim they never ordered, even though you go on their facebook and ITS RIGHT THERE.

The best thing to do is to keep moving forward. Keep progressing towards new ideas and goals. SHOW people that you are working to improve things. Communicate with them every step of the way, even if the news is not so great. People will be more comfortable doing business with you when they sense your honesty.

There is an infinite world of possibilities for you to earn an income doing what you love.

Watch this video for some inspiration:

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