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Custom Video Generator Renders A Video For Each Team Member

I've had this idea for a long time, but it wasn't until recently that I found the right software to do it.

When we launched Simple2Advertise, one of the things people really liked about it was that they could use their photo on the page and it customized it for them.

We have continued that tradition into our new marketing systems where rep information is available on the informational pages so they can get in contact with them.

The sales video has always been one of the most important parts of the funnel and the people who are featured in the video are usually the ones that get the signups. So what if every person could be in their own video? That would be pretty cool.

There are some easy ways to do it in Adobe Flash, but in 2016 that is not an option. Video is king. It plays on every device everywhere. Youtube and facebook now allow you to add 'call to action' buttons to your videos, so having a full webpage is becoming less necessary.

I believe the next revolutions in advertising are going to be with video. Already with the targeting that is possible now with facebook and youtube you can make sure your videos reach the perfect audience.

So how do we get a bunch of people who are too afraid to make their own videos, to create a video?

Well, we created it for them. Here's an example:

and here is another example for a different member:

So now we are able to render out a video for every member that uses our marketing system.

They can use that video on a capture page, upload it to their fb wall, post it to youtube, buy advertising to it from fbads or adwords. It opens up a lot of new ways to advertise the business.

Obviously the team is loving it:

and this was just my first test....

Already working on the next video and it can also be customized in various ways. Fun stuff!

If you are not on this team yet, you should be.
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