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DSDomination (DSD) Making a Huge Comeback with Infinii

UPDATE: Shortly after this post Infinii failed many times to launch with the functionality that was promised and we have since moved on from this opportunity.

Keeping this blog post online for historical purposes. See more recent posts for a better offer that you can promote.

DSDomination recently had their corporate event in Orlando Florida where they announced Infinii™.

I've been following this for a bit now and I see some serious potential with this program.

They have taken many of the good aspects of network marketing and ecommerce and put them together to create a platform where people can easily get going and WIN in a major way if they put in the effort.

Watch this short clip to experience how DSD does 'Income Generating Activities' with their shopping trips.

Currently Infinii™ is INVITE ONLY. I have a couple of invites available. If you would like to be one of the first with access to the Infinii™ platform, send me a message on facebook.

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