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DSDomination Marketing System (DSD Affiliates L@@K!)

The reason you haven't seen much new from Simple2Advertise lately is because we've been sharpening our skills with some new software.

Over the past month Eric and I have been taking on the Adobe Creative Cloud, trying to make it do things I don't think Adobe intended people would try to do with it.

After lots of trial and error of figuring out the absolute best way to accomplish what we wanted, we have our first creation ready to be released to the masses.

This one is for the DSD affiliates out there! We have put together a suite of marketing materials for you to use to promote the DSD opportunity.

Have a look at:

DSD Affiliates Are Going Crazy Over This!

As always, your feedback is welcomed!

The $15/mo membership has a $10/mo affiliate commission paid to you on all referrals. (Yes, your making more than us from this!)

Time to get some leads!

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