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GameLoot Network Pays You To Share Their Games

Eric and I have been helping out with GameLoot Network, a new opportunity that started in June which lets you tap in to the 40 billion dollar mobile gaming industry.

GameLoot Network

You can watch the video on GameLoot Network's website for more information, but in a nutshell, you can signup as one of 3 levels:

Free Gamer: Just Play Games
Premium Gamer: Play Games + Win Prizes
Game Ambassador: Play Games + Make Commissions + Marketing Arcade

Obviously the money is with the Game Ambassador. By joining at this level you will recieve 500 game tokens which can be used to play the various gameloot games and buy in-game items within those games.

In addition you will be able to use the 10 To Win App to invite your friends. When they download the games they will be in your downline and any purchases they make within any GameLoot Game will be attributed back to you.

GameLoot Network 10 To Win App

GameLoot Network is a internet marketer's dream. The team has hired Simple2Advertise to create all of the marketing materials. On day 1 GameLoot affiliates have had awesome looking capture pages and banners to use to promote GameLoot Network.
GameLoot Marketing Arcade

Work is ongoing to provide GameLoot affiliates with the best marketing materials possible so they can position themselves to profit from the $40 billion (and growing) mobile gaming industry.

Here is what the MLM Industry Watchdog Troy Dooley had to say about GameLoot Network:

I will post another blog soon going over the GameLoot Network Compensation Plan so you can see exactly how much you can get paid to share GameLoot's games.

Disclaimer: All links in this post are affiliate links and we will make great commissions when you choose to join GameLoot Network through these affiliate links.

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