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Get Out Of Your Car Lease or Get a Short Term Auto Lease with Lease Trade Swap Sites

lease tradeLets say you leased a car and you decided that you don't like it anymore. Did you know that you can sell your lease in what's called a lease takeover?

It's true. In recent times, websites have popped up which allow you to list your leased vehicle and have others who are interested in a short term auto lease contact you to take it over.

How To Get Out of Your Car Lease

Others can search and find your listing and can contact you for more details.

Many of the lease companies charge a fee to transfer the documentation over. Some companies are easier to deal with than others.

For example, if you want to sell your BMW i8 Lease, you can go to and BMW financing will have no problem transferring everything to the new driver.

Other companies such as Honda, simply will not let you transfer the lease. You will need to do your research if you want to sell your car lease.

Getting out of a car lease is not easy, but it can be done. Make sure you fully understand what you are getting yourself into when getting a car lease.

How To Get Into A Car Lease with No Down Payment ( aka Lease Take Over )

Keep an eye on sites such as and for the types of vehicles you want.

lease traderThere are other people on here who have car leases that they do not want anymore and may be willing to let you take over the remaining months. Many sites will call this process a Lease Takeover.

The good short term auto leases go quick. Many car dealerships will list their vehicles on here, so be extremely cautious when looking for a deal, it is not clear how much vetting the swap site companies do on the listings before they are allowed to post. You should probably avoid buying a car in another state where you can physically go to it and see it. It's not like ebay where a seller can have tons of reviews. selling a car lease is not something you do all the time in a normal situation, so most of the people listing are brand new.

Here are a few examples of what you could do on Lease Trader or SwapLease:

Sell Your Range Rover Sport HSE Lease

Buy out the 24 remaining months on this Jaguar F-Type Lease

Get a short term lease on a Lexus IS

Do a Lease Takeover of a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Obtain a lease on a Hyundai Sonata for no money down

Be careful. Some leasing companies, such as Chase Auto Financing will simply NOT let you transfer the lease. You would have to buy out the car and sell it that way. Make sure you do extensive research and contact your leasing company before attempting to do a lease takeover.

Have you had a successful or unsuccessful auto lease transfer or car lease takeover? Post below in the comments

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