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How Our Team Traffic Rotator Generated 22,000 Leads with Full Address Info In 3 Days

Not going to waste your time and make you read through this whole post to find out how... It's FREE SAMPLES... Yes, that's how we generated all of the leads. It's worked for decades at the Chinese food place in the mall, it can work for your business too.

Ok, so this tactic requires a few things in place before you can even begin, and it's not for everyone. In fact you really can only do this ONCE per product per site.

> For those of you on our Jeunesse team selling Instantly Ageless, this ship has sailed, all of the sites listed below have already listed this freebie and you are unlikely to convince them to list it again. You need to find NEW sites that have not yet seen the Instantly Ageless offer.

If your product is not unique, nobody will even care. If your product doesn't really work, or it does not provide any immediate effect, you are probably wasting your time with this method.

In this example, we used Instantly Ageless, a product our team sells from Jeunesse. We have over 30,000 in our downline who are eager for leads. This was one quick way to get people the leads they wanted.

The product works instantly, and you see and feel the results every time. It is the perfect product to sample with. As an added bonus the product was just featured on a very popular national television show.

People LOVE being able to TRY something that they just saw on TV.

Here's what we did, and how you can replicate it with your product:

First, you need a product which can be sampled that you can mail with a regular stamp.

Next you need to create the offer. Make a webpage to collect the person's address.

Here's what our capture page looked like:

When they submit their info, you should put them on an autorepsonder. Load that autoresponder up with messages knowing in advanced about how many days it will take to process and ship their sample. The emails can lead up to them receiving the sample in the mail, then start asking them for feedback on the product. All of this needs to be automated and programmed into the autoresponder.

Depending on how crazy you want to get with it, you can mail them links to surveys offering them more free stuff, or at this point you go in for the close and get them to become a customer.

In addition to the autoresponder email, it is highly recommended that you or someone you hire CALLS each sample requester and verify their info. During this call, you can further build a relationship with the person, get them to friend you on fb, get them excited about receiving the sample in the mail.

This personal connection and interest in them getting and using the sample makes all of the difference. Unfortunately this part can not be automated easily and does not scale. It would work better if you had a huge downline that you can pass off the leads to. Then 20,000 leads split up across a few hundred people is not as overwhelming.

Here is an example of how one of those phone calls might go. While you are listening, notice how she sways the conversation and now this person who only wanted a freebie is now interested in becoming a rep.

Do you see how easy that was?

No single rep would be able to handle the amount of requests that come in from these types of promotions, so it's best to let someone working with the leader to handle the lead distribution in a fair and known way. You may also consider signing up for a tracking service such as Trck.Me. I wroteup a quick guide here which explains how to setup a traffic rotator.

Ok so now you have the product, you have a funnel with email followup, you have a script to use for calling these leads, perhaps you have a downline waiting to contact and call these leads for you, now you are ready to PROMOTE.

There are a few of these 'freebie' sites and they all steal from each other, so basically if you get listed on a few of them, within a few hours, you will be on all of them.

So here's what I did, and I'll even give you my notes so it will be easier for you to replicate this:

I wrote up my little pitch to the freebie site webmaster. Giving them info about the freebie, images they can use to spice up their post, even text they can just copy and paste to their site.
The idea here is to make it so that you've already done all of the work for them. They don't have to do anything but post.


[msg to freebie webmaster]

New freebie offer for your page:

Free Sample of Instantly Ageless [Removes Dark Circles From Under Eyes] - As Seen On TV: The Doctors, Inside Edition, and Rachael Ray

Order Your FREE Sample Here:


Promo Images:

[end msg to freebie webmaster]


Then goto all of the freebie sites, scroll to the bottom and look for the CONTACT button. Paste that sucker in there. Rinse + repeat.

Within an hour I was listed and the traffic started flowing.

Here are a few of the sites I submitted the info to:

after i sent it to a few of those sites, within hours all of these other sites picked up the link and started sending clicks:

Another big one is but to get listed here you need to make sure your link does not look like an affiliate link. It also is much better if you get listed on the above sites first and then someone will eventually repost your link to reddit.

There are also quite a few places on facebook where you can list your freebie offer:

My little stunt accomplished 3 key things:

  1. got people re-excited about instantly ageless and TTO

  2. over 22,000 new people were exposed to jeunesse and left their full contact info requesting more info

  3. helped move inventory, people will reorder and get used to doing more samples to generate more sales.

Leads are STILL coming in!
This whole excercise cost me NOTHING.

Plus these freebie leads are actually BUYING:

Want some of these free leads? You need to be on our team.

To get started, setup an appointment with Mike Grady so he can get you all setup and tell you exactly what you need to do next. Book your appointment here:

Here's some of the reactions we got when leads started appearing out of nowhere in our team's inboxes from this rotator:

You can join many direct sales companies, but there is something about joining a team of people who care about your success and celebrate each other's victories. Check out what happens when our team gets together in person:

We're about to go do this again in Vegas!

So now that you know how all of these leads were generated, and i've proven to you that it works. will you take action? or will you click away to another site endlessly searching for the 'right one' ?

Click here to setup an appointment with someone from our team so you can get onboard to take advantage of all of this awesomeness:

PS: The system is STILL cranking out thousands of sample requests every single week.

Here's the most recent snapshot from our admin dashboard (go ahead, count, it's over 30,000 sample requests!):

PPS: Already in Jeunesse, but not in our downline? That's OK. You and your entire team are welcome to use our system for the same ridiculously low price of 64 cents a day. Click Here for more info about the TTO Jeunesse Marketing System

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