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How To Make A Fortune With Direct Marketing In 2016: Instantly Ageless By Jeunesse

Have you seen the Instantly Ageless video yet? It’s gone viral— and Team Take Over members are getting thousands of sample requests… and making thousands of dollars in commissions.

Why? Anyone who buys a skincare product is looking for visual results. Fast results. They want to look younger. And in less than a minute, instantly ageless virtually removes wrinkles and blemishes from around the eyes. It lasts for several hours with no need for re-application.

There is no other anti-aging product that gets similar results. Hence the wild success of instantly ageless skin cream.

A Booming Industry

The skin care industry is one of the largest in the world. In 2016 it’s estimated people will spend over $121,000,000,000 dollars on anti-aging products. The baby-boomers have grown up… but they desperately want to look younger. So the demand for anti-aging products is enormous, and growing.

Jeunesse, creators of Instantly Ageless, is one of the largest direct sales organizations in the world, selling over one billion dollars in product last year. They are considered by many to be the fastest growing company in the world. And anyone can become a member and promote a huge variety of products, including instantly ageless anti-wrinkle cream, to the world. Like instantly ageless, most of these products sell themselves.

Team Take Over Breaks Sales Records For Instantly Ageless Cream

Like any direct sales organization, Jeunesse is made up of individual teams working together. Of those teams, one of the largest, and by far the fastest growing, is Team Take Over.

Team Take Over is growing so incredibly quickly–selling over $15,000,000 worth of products in just 6 months—because of internet marketing. The founders of Team Take Over realized the internet held the key to mass distribution of Jeunesse products. Take the instantly ageless video for example. When shared over the massive Team Take Over network, sample requests shot through the roof, earning millions of dollars collectively.

Because Instantly Ageless works so well and so quickly, once a prospect requests a sample, there’s a huge chance they turn into a paying customer. Team Take Over’s marketing system for Jeunesse gets the sample offer in front of as many people as humanly possible. That’s the reason for their massive success in sales. Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Attract New Eyeballs

Instantly Ageless cream is one of the hottest selling anti-aging products on the market today. But because of the HUGE size of the skincare market, there are billions of people who have never heard of it. This presents a massive opportunity for Jeunesse distributors, and specifically, Team Take Over members.

Team Take Over has cultivated relationships with some of the best traffic providers on the planet. Over a wide grid of websites online, highly-effective advertisements are displayed. These ads are displayed only on sites with relevant buyers. This ensures that everyone who sees the ad is likely at least somewhat interested. When someone is very interested, they click, which leads to..

Step #2: Show Viral Video On Landing Page

When someone who is interested in instantly ageless clicks the ad, they go to Team Take Over’s optimized landing pages. These are pages that everyone who joins Team Take Over gets for free. And they show the instantly ageless video front and center.

This video shows exactly how instantly ageless anti-wrinkle cream works. How it gets phenomenal results in less than a minute. How it lasts for hours. Then it offers a free sample in return for shipping & handling costs.

On filling out the shipping and handling form, they’re added to the Team Take Over member’s individual mailing list. They’re then sent a series of emails over several days that build relationships with them and continue explaining the benefits of instantly ageless.

Step #3: Into The Sales Funnel

Once a customer has shown direct interest in instantly ageless—enough to pull their credit card out and pay s&h for a free sample—they’re put into the Team Take Over sales funnel.

This is a way to provide as much value to the customer as possible. We now know that the customer is interested in anti-aging products. So now we can share with them the entire range of Jeunesse skincare products. These are some of the best skincare products in the world with rave reviews. And for every sale, the Team Take Over member who initially acquired the customer gets a commission.

Jeunesse is the fastest growing Direct Sales Company in the world. Team Take Over is one of the fastest growing teams within Jeunesse because of this system. And individuals in Team Take Over are finding financial freedom and earning huge commission every single month. You can too.

How To Join Team Take Over And Promote Instantly Ageless

Instantly ageless cream is a product that practically sells itself. Because as soon as someone tries the sample… they see how it works. They’re hooked. And they’ll keep buying over and over again. It’s one of the few products that actually delivers results. And it does so in under 5 minutes. Every single time someone buys instantly ageless, the Team Take Over member who initially sold them on it, once, gets a commission.

And this isn’t the only product that members of Team Take Over can sell. There are dozens of products, each as high-quality as Instantly Ageless. And with Team Take Over’s marketing system for Jeunesse, individual members can get targeted traffic from all over the web, for each of these individual products. It’s no wonder Team Take Over is creating more six and seven-figure earners than any direct sales organization that has ever existed.

If you’re interested in joining Team Take Over, and promoting Jeunesse global products like instantly ageless anti-wrinkle cream, click here now to apply. Spots on Team Take Over are limited, so act now if you’re interested.

The only way to gain true financial freedom is through selling products and services to people. And the best and quickest way to do that, is to sell great products that people love to buy. Lastly, you need a system that takes people through every stage of the buying process automatically, without you lifting a finger. When you join Team Take Over, you get all of this and more.

Click here to apply today

Income Disclaimer: Your results may vary. Results in this business require hard work, and I do not know if you are willing to put in the work to make that happen. All links in this blogpost are affiliate links in which I will recieve a commission if you decide to join or purchase anything.

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