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How to livestream on Facebook Live, Twitch, Youtube Live all at the same time with

I recently came across a really cool platform in development that lets you broadcast ONE stream from your computer to their server and then the server rebroadcasts it to EVERY streaming platform.

Basically all of these live streaming services work off of rtmp streaming protocols.

What does is it takes in your 1 stream, then rebroadcasts it to all of the streaming services.

For people that do not have massive bandwidth this is important, because you are only streaming one output, then the servers handle the big bandwidth operations.

It's not free to do this, but in theory, you could stream to ALL of these services AT THE SAME TIME using

Once they add Periscope to this, it's game over. You will be able to stream to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Periscope at the same time. The holy grail of video livestreaming in my opinion. With those 3 networks alone you will be able to get MASSIVE reach.

In my initial tests, I was able to amass hundreds of viewers just by broadcasting a screenshare of my desktop:

This livestream of my desktop resulted in HUNDREDS of leads pouring into my autoresponder:

I will hold off my official review of until they add proper FB Live integration. Currently it needs to be entered as a CUSTOM RTMP CHANNEL, and the steps to set this up are not newbie friendly.

However, this is the only service of it's kind right now, and I've been in talks with their devlopers who tell me upgrades are just around the corner to make this even better. Definitely a service to keep an eye on.

Let me know in the comments if you decide to use this and what your experience was.

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