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New Direct Cellars Marketing System

After all the anticipation, the time has FINALLY come!

The BEST Marketing System in the WORLD for building your Direct Cellars business is officially here. It's time to ACTIVATE!

Direct Cellars Marketing System

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

This Marketing System was hand created by the BEST Marketing System creators on the planet. We were called because your team leaders UNDERSTOOD one thing....They needed the most powerful Marketing System in the world to help their teams GROW to heights that most people dream of. Well, it's about to become a reality. .

All our years in business have taught is ONE thing. The ONLY thing that separates the miserable,broke and destitute failure from the relaxed, retired, successful beach hopper… is a Marketing System that works.

Marketing is a very scary part of business. Most people “get” how to do everything else, but when it comes to getting the word out (to generate new leads, new people to talk to), and actually making sales… they’re clueless!

And that's OK! We're here to help you learn what you need to learn so you don't struggle with that part.

Good marketing is a lot like owning a car. Your car will get you where you need to go A LOT faster than walking or running, right? All you need to do is fill it up with gas, hit the gas pedal, grab on to the wheel, and it does the rest.

With a good Marketing System, all you need to do is bring people into your sales funnel…and most of the work gets done for you. Do you see how SIMPLE this is?

We have built many successful Marketing Systems and we constantly hear our members saying, “I woke up with a new handful of leads in my inbox!”. Because while you’re sleeping, the system is still working. In fact, once you set it up (and we show you exactly how to do that), it works for you seven days a week, 365 days a year.That's REAL LEVERAGE!

Use the strategies that work best for your life and your schedule. And when you find something that works, keep hitting it hard. We promise you, when you start using this system, you will be absolutely blown away at the results you get.

Here’s Everything You Get With My Wine Marketing System:

NO Advanced Setup Required. The entire system is totally automated. All you have to do is bring people into your funnel (And we teach you how to do that). Although there are some cool advanced tools for the more experienced marketers too.

Advanced Lead Management System With Full Social Media Integration. This is a SMART SYSTEM. When you generate a lead, this system will automatically look your leads information up on various social networks so you can easily connect with them. This has proven to be a very valuable tool, IT SAVES YOU A TON OF TIME. You don't need to spend time tracking down your lead, the system will do that for you while you focus on generating more leads & closing sales.

The My Wine Marketing System APP! Need to easily manage your Direct Cellars leads on the go? With the My Wine Marketing System APP, you will be able to do that WITH EASE!

WEEKLY Marketing & Advertising SWIPE! Not sure how to promote your links? Is it hard for you to come up with content to generate leads? Not sure what to say? Let us help you TAKE ACTION! Every week, we provide CUSTOM SWIPE COPY for you to promote your business In other words, we will provide you with the EXACT words we use to promote our own own links and you will be able to use them to do the exact same thing for your business! As you use our custom content, you will start to learn what it takes to write effective sales copy to generate leads.

Gorgeous, High-Converting Sales Funnels. One of the hardest parts of putting together a Marketing System is getting pages that actually convert. We spend hours and hours on testing new funnels so we can give you pages that will get you the highest opt in rate possible. We've already done all that work for you, and you get to reap the rewards.

Complete Sales Funnels To Get You CUSTOMERS. A good Marketing System is about the sales funnel. A good sales funnel takes an “on-the-fence” prospect and helps you turn them into a paying customer… all on autopilot. This system will help you enroll lots of Distributors, but having that SOLID CUSTOMER BASE is CRITICAL when it comes to building a LONG TERM successful Network Marketing business. All the experts agree, if you want LONG TERM RESIDUAL INCOME – GET CUSTOMERS. These funnels will take your business to another level!

HUGE VALUE! Custom Capture Page Creator – Build Your Own Sales Funnels! A system within a system. Do you want to build your own sales funnels with your own content? Unlike other systems out there that will overcharge you for this feature, with this system you can create an UNLIMITED amount of capture pages and sales funnels with your subscription. And It's super SIMPLE to use. With just a few clicks you can easily build your very own custom sales funnel in a matter of minutes.

Custom Video Pages For Your Own Personal Brand On The Web. People like to do business with the “best”. This system will position you as a LEADER! We have the best Graphics Designers & Master Marketers on the planet in the background that built (and continue to develop) this system for you. And now you get to put your name on it AND YOUR OWN VIDEOS. When you send people to YOUR pages, they will see YOUR name and all YOUR social media information to make it easier for YOUR lead to contact you. This positions YOU AS THE LEADER!

INCLUDES Email Autoresponders. A lot of people are interested in Direct Cellars, but they might not want to buy TODAY. In fact, most people take 5-8 exposures before they decide to buy something. That’s why we have autoresponder emails that are sent out to your prospects on autopilot, which helps warm up those prospects to the decision of making a purchase. With this system, you will have an Email Autoresponder that is 100% integrated. Typically, you would have to buy and maintain a 3rd party Autoresponder to make sure your leads receive a proper follow up sequence. We actually built a fully functioning Autoresponder Pre-loaded with follow-up messages that will help you convert your leads into sales. Just to be clear...To maintain a 3rd party Autoresponder, it will cost you roughly $20 a month (min) and on top of that, you have to put it all together to make sure it works (technical stuff everyone hates). This Autoresponder, the one within this system, is 100% complete and functioning the second your account is created. You don’t have to know how to “set it up”, its 100% done, ready to accept traffic.
ADVANCED MARKETERS : You can add your own autoresponder to the system with a few clicks.

Our Personal List of High Quality Traffic Providers. An AMAZING benefit in having this system is the ability to tap into our personal list of high quality traffic providers. Our sales funnels work extremely well. But they need the right traffic. We've figured which sources are the BEST (and that takes A LOT of time and testing). When you join up, you’ll get access to them as well. There's no need to spends hours and hours trying to figure out where to get traffic, we have solved that problem for you. In our opinion, the traffic we're going to give you access to for you and your team to use is the best traffic on the Internet when it comes to building a successful Home Based Business.

Full Troubleshooting & Support. My Wine System is incredible, but you may still have questions on getting it all up and running. Just ask, we’re here to make this SIMPLE for you, so you start seeing results as soon as possible.

ADVANCED TEAM COMMUNICATION TOOL - Add Your Downline & Help Them Generate Leads. With the push of a button, you can easily ASSIGN LEADS to your team members to help them build their business! Can you say DUPLICATION? Simply add your team member by typing in their username and the system will automatically connect you together! This is a great way to help & stay in close contact with your new team member to ensure they stay on the right track to success.

The Training Cellar – SOLID CONTENT To Help You Generate Leads. Fromoffline strategies to online strategies, we have the CONTENT you need in order to learn how to generate leads for your business THE RIGHT WAY. Napoleon Hill said, “The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." Being able to be around the people who have the results you want is very important, and in our opinion, REQUIRED, if one has the true desire to better themselves personally and financially. The content within the Training Cellar is literally second to none. All training is done by EXPERTS that have what you want, RESULTS. The value of the content within this section is invaluable. From online marketing training to offline marketing training, to paid strategies, to free strategies, we've got you covered.

Here's a tip... When you start, pick ONE strategy and run with it... There's no need to overwhelm yourself. Learning and MASTERING one strategy will set you up for MASSIVE SUCCESS in the future.

We promise you... If you use the OFFICIAL Marketing System for Direct Cellars, My Wine System, do the training, stay consistent, and WORK IT... IF YOU DO THAT, you will be generating leads, making sales, and duplicating your team like never before.

We look forward to helping you build your business!

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