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These are the things you need to watch out for if you are starting an advertising CO OP

So you found a great traffic source and you want to scale it up so you can get a cheaper rate per click, but your budget won't allow for it?

This is a good reason to start a co op!

What Is A Co Op?

A co op is simply when a few marketers come together and pool their money to buy an advertisement. The ad is purchased and all of the people that respond to the ad get put into a rotator and shared evenly amongst the marketers participating.

My Experience Running Co Ops

I have a very unique perspective on co ops because I actually ran hundreds of them on Simple2Advertise. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads shared across 1000's of marketers without a hitch (ok one small one, more on that later).

We would test traffic sources and find ones that could convert, then I wrote specialized PHP software to sell 'spots'. Similar to ticket master, a limited number of spots would be put up for sale and it was a mad rush to lock in your spots before they were sold out (and they sold out FAST!)

At the time, EN was killing it and people had crazy ad budgets, so it literally only took a few hours to fill a $10,000 ad slot. People would go through crazy things just to get in:

After the spots were sold out, I would use the funds to purchase the advertisement and send all of the clicks to a rotator. each time another click came in it would send it to the next person in the rotator. So everyone participating in the co op would get an even amount of clicks distributed to them.

All of the stats were displayed in realtime, so there was little room for any trickery, people actually got 100% of the advertisements we ran. If we said we were going to run a newspaper ad, people most certainly would go buy that newspaper and check to make sure we were being honest.

Everyone absolutely LOVED IT and people were getting results because we were delivering the good traffic that you need a lot of money to get access to.

Everything was running beautifully until we came across this guy, we will just use the initials RN...

He came to us, probably seeing the success we were having and wanted to work with us on the ad deals. He claimed to have all sorts of inside connections to the traffic suppliers. He talked the talk, and we let him in to run 2 campaigns for us. We sold out of spots immediately.

He delayed the campaign a few times, after we got fed up and the members were starting to get angry, he sent 1000's of fake clicks to the rotator url which resulted in 0 leads. Needless to say, our members were PISSED and we felt like we were to blame.

We did the right thing and re ran all of the campaigns using our origianl traffic suppliers at our own expense. It was most certainly a costly mistake on our part, but I think since we were very transparent with the members as to what was going on, kept them up to date on the progress of the fix, and in the end actually delivered the real deal at our own expense, everyone went home happy.

We learned an expensive lesson that day, and now are much smarter with how we purchase from new vendors.

How To Sell A % Of Your Incoming Traffic To Your Team

This one is for the leaders. If you are not actually producing results yet, you have no business selling traffic to other people.

If you have a successful campaign running, and can get better pricing from your traffic provider by buying in bulk, it might be a good idea to pool resources with some of your team members and setup a traffic co op or traffic rotator, whatever you want to call it.

Here is the easiest, most straightforward way I know, to setup a rotator without any programming:

Sell the idea to your team and get them to send you $ for a spot.

If you use paypal and have a paypal debit card, the funds are available on that card to pay for the traffic. It works out quite nicely.

Signup for a account

• Create a new tracker

• Add a capture page URL to the tracker for each of the team members participating in your co op.

• Send traffic to the tracker url.

It will automatically distribute clicks evenly to all of the destination urls.

Keep your buyers up to date on the progress, and if the co op was a success for them, have them write a testimonial for you so you can use that in the sales page for your next co op.

Alternatively, you can sell certain # of clicks with this too.
Just press the edit button next to one of your destination urls within and set a LIMIT to the # of clicks that link can recieve. will keep distributing clicks to that url until it's reached it's limit, then will pause it and keep sending to the other urls. Now you could setup a page that says 'Buy 500 clicks', 'Buy 1000 Clicks', etc and you can be selling clicks on an ongoing basis.

Helpful Advice

The best advice I can give you if you are going to run co ops is, to be HONEST. If you let people know what is going on and set expectations you can grow trust much faster than if you are shady and perform actions that only benefit yourself.

I don't think a CO OP should be a huge profit center for your business. They are good to have and if they are producing results for your team, who would otherwise just have quit, then it's also a good idea to keep doing them. You should be able to cover your time and expenses, but other than that, just put more of the $ towards the ad to give your buyers the best possible results.

Avoid desperate people who do not have a large advertising budget. These are the people that will complain the loudest if they do not get the results they expected. They have a lottery ticket mentality and think that by buying into the co op they can just sit back and watch the checks roll in. Rarely is this ever the case.

The co op is only doing part of the job, to generate new leads. What you do with those leads is the key to building huge downlines...

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