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This 1 line of PHP code could be your key to building a huge team in any biz

This 1 line of PHP code could be your key to building a huge team in any biz

So, You Want To Learn How To Create ?id= Pages That Allow Your Team To Duplicate Your Success And Crush Leaderboards?

What this line of code allows you to achieve is DUPLICATION.

Everyone knows that the company marketing materials are usually.. meh.

Usually what works the best is featuring someone's story, struggle, and how they used whatever program or system to achieve great wealth.

So if you have that story, you would build out a funnel (basically a capture page, a landing page, and the buy page for your offer).

Now you start testing that funnel and tweaking it and suddenly you have it working REALLY well and people are joining you left and right.

The problem is now that those people who joined you also want to be able to use the same system for their own recruiting efforts.

So what do you do?

You need a replicated site. You need a marketing system. But these are fairly expensive to setup.

The Solution

What I am about to show you is extremely simple, yet unbelievably powerful. I will try to explain this from as many angles as possible so it makes complete sense to you. This will not replace the need for a real marketing system, but it could help you get by until you can get the resources you need to build one.

First of all you need a web server. If you are afraid of doing website related things, this article is probably not for you. Go hire someone that knows some basic PHP coding and point them at this article. They should be able to figure it out after reading this.

OK, so you have a webserver and you are logged in to the FTP or SFTP of the server and you can see files. Usually you would put your website files in a folder such as public_html or www.

Go into there and make a new folder called /funnel/

If your website was and you created a directory in your www root called /funnel you now have this url available to use:  

ok so now, you may have seen this as you click around differnt websites, there's all of this extra stuff on the url. These are called query string parameters.

Here's what it looks like:  

Do you see the ?id=simple2advertise part that I added?

These are extra variables that I am injecting into the PHP script at the time it loads. i am telling the server: "OK, for this next request make sure the ID is simple2advertise."

Now the server is going to do it's thing and return a webpage to be displayed and everything within that webpage is going to be for the user id: simple2advertise

OK, now lets go back into programming...

We're still in the /funnel/ folder on our website ftp.

make a file called index.php and put it into that folder.

Here's what the index.php will look like:

<div align="center">

[video embed code]

<a href="<?php echo $_GET['id']; ?>"><button type="button" class="btn btn-success">Join Now</button></a>


That is all there is to it. So let me explain what's going on.

The most important line of that code is this one:

<a href="<?php echo $_GET['id']; ?>"><button type="button" class="btn btn-success">Join Now</button></a>

You can see there is just 1 tiny piece of PHP code that does all of the magic:

<?php echo $_GET['id']; ?>

basically that code will take whatever is after ?id= in the url.

So in the case of the example above, my id would be: simple2advertise and that would be inserted in place of the php code block.

in other words:

<?php echo $_GET['id']; ?>



and you are left with the correct affiliate url:

Had you used a a different userid after the id= such as:

then the code on the webpage runs:

<a href="<?php echo $_GET['id']; ?>"><button type="button" class="btn btn-success">Join Now</button></a>

and as a result, the link on the webpage would now point to:

So basically now you have a webpage that anyone in your team can link to, all they need to do is replace the username after the ?id= in the link.

Now others in your team can leverage your story and your website to drive sales and signups into the biz!

Here's a video where I go over the entire process:

Please comment below if you found this useful:

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