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Top 5 Bitcoin Advertising Sites - Promote BTC Offers

Below are several places you can advertise your Bitcoin or 'make money' related deals and offers.

All of these ad sites only accept payments in the form of BTC. On some you can just provide them with a url, others you will need a banner to receive clicks. I highly recommend a capture page and make sure you are retargeting these visitors.

The most typical banner sizes accepted are 468x60 and 728x90. You can buy ads on a cost per impression basis or a cost per click basis (cpc vs cpm). it depends on the ad site.

Some of the bitcoin advertising sites also allow you to purchase a daily ad where your advertisement will be visible for 24 hours permanently on the site. These ads can drive hundreds or thousands of clicks to your site in a short amount of time.

Does the traffic work? Well it depends on what you are selling. This audience has an interest with crypto currency, and therefore also is interested in money and obtaining more. Bizop offers or anything related to crypto are the best offers to advertise to this audience. If you need something to promote check out this BTC affiliate network.

Here are some of the best places to advertise your BTC Related Offers:

BTC Advertising Site #1:

BTCClicks bitcoin advertising

Make sure your servers can support the massive amount of traffic that BTCClicks will send to you. One of the great features of this site is the ability to target by country, so if you have offers that are only available in certain areas, you are not wasting clicks.

Click Here to Purchase GEO Targeted Clicks From BTCClicks

BTC Advertising Site #2:

mypayingcryptoads advertising

This is your typical revshare, but it's focused on bitcoin. Every user on the site has paid with bitcoins, so if you have some btc related site or service to promote, this is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Typically people will go into one of these programs to buy 'ad packs' and these would slowly reimburse them, so they could buy more ad packs. The problem with this, is you are not getting a lot of clicks fast this way.

The better way to get fast results from MCPA is to purchase a 'Static Ad' in one of the top banner spots. A 24 hour ad at the top of this site will get you approx 300,000 impressions in a 24 hour period. At the time of this writing, a 24 hour ad cost about $33 worth of bitcoin.

Signup for MCPA using my buddy's link:

tldr: I am not suggesting you start joining revshares to earn money, but use them to purchase static ads which get a lot of clicks very quickly.

BTC Advertising Site #3:

coinzilla bitcoin advertising

CoinZilla offers bitcoin advertising service starting at just .10 CPM. You will have the ability to target users by country by selecting one of their packages.

Run of Network is the least expensive at about 14 cents per 1000 impressions. If you want Tier 1 traffic, which includes clickers from AU, CA, DE, GB, US, and NZ, your price goes way up to $.23 CPM. You also have the option to target just Europe bitcoin users for $.18 CPM or you can only display your advertising to crypto currency users in Russia, Asia, or South America for just $.14 CPM.

If the product or service you are promoting is only available in the usa, NO PROBLEM. You can set your Coinzilla traffic to only come from United States browsers for $.23 CPM. USA clickers who understand and use bitcoin could be a very valuable audience depending on what you are selling.

Of course you should check Coinzilla's website, because these prices may change at any time.

Coinzilla Bitcoin Ad Network

BTC Advertising Site #4:

bitmedia btc banner network

Bitmedia is a banner network that allows you to place your banners across thousands of bitcoin related sites. You can upload and use banners in all of the standard sizes including 728x90, 468x60, 300x250 and 160x600.

All banners can be targeted to display based on the country, and all clickers are cryptocurrency users.

Click Here to Purchase GEO Targeted Banners From Bitmedia

BTC Advertising Site(s) #5:
Bitcoin PTC Sites

PTC stands for paid to click. Basically, people are paid a small amount of bitcoin to click on websites. You can add your sites to these rotations and potentially gets leads and signups from them.
They are not the greatest quality leads, and these sites do not allow you to target by country, but you may have success advertising your internationally available and btc related programs here.

Here are 4 more sites that sell bitcoin advertising:

More Sites

Believe it or not, this is not the full list. I have SEVERAL other bitcoin advertising networks that I am currently using to drive server melting amounts of traffic to various offers.

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