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Generate 1000's of impressions and 100's of clicks to your ads with vTrafficRush banner network

vTrafficRush is one of the many advertising sources I use to generate traffic using banners.

This banner network site is basically a rotator for your banner ads. You pay to become a pro member, then you pay again to buy a spot in the 'viral pool'. This puts all 5 of your banners into the rotation.

In my experience, you can expect your banners to get viewed 1000's of times and clicked 100's of times per week. I send most of my banners to a capture page and I am getting leads from this traffic.

My results using vTrafficRush after 4 days. Your results may vary

If you want to try out vTrafficRush, you will need to have some banners created.

Seem my blog post here for ideas on how to get banners made.

The correct size for the banners at vTrafficRush is 468x60.

You can earn commissions of up to $80 per member with the affiliate program on vTrafficRush.

If you decide to join vTrafficRush, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link:

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