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Watch Over The Shoulder As The Digital Affiliates Set Up Their Winning Campaigns

James Starr and Bob Beckett have been tag teaming this industry for a while. They are well respected marketers in the space for their traffic and consulting. When I heard they had their own program coming out, I couldn't wait to check it out.

These guys have a weekly module that they release that shows you in depth how to set up specific marketing campaigns for a certain product\service. As of this writing there is already more than 5 modules and they are sharing lots of juicy bits like how to setup ads on bing, and how to do youtube ppc correctly.

Unlike other similar training programs the training is not to resell the product itself, but they show how to advertise other niches such as how to sell to local business owners, selling digital products from jvzoo, clickbank, and some other suprises.

Great Stuff! Even for seasoned marketers, it's important to stay on top of this because it's always changing, and there may just be one tip they mention that makes a huge difference in your campaign.

To make things even better, they've built it on a 2 tier affiliate program so there is earning potential if you just want to promote their offer.

If you upgrade to their pro membership, they'll even put you in their rotator so you can get clicks to your affiliate link hands free.

If you do decide to check out The Digital Affiliates, please use Simple2Advertise's affiliate link:

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